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21:09 Until 21:09 Time

It is impossible to imagine the international market without Austrian sweet wines. Gerhard Kracher, a winemaker who has often been "Sweetwine Maker of the Year", is organising an exclusive event for the Club der Weinakademiker. You can order a box with samples of sweet wines and taste them online with Gerhard Kracher. The tasting will take place in English language. After ordering the box, the Kracher winery will send the Zoom link for the tasting. The club will pay 15,-€ of the costs per package, thus reducing the price to 35,-€.

When: 21 April 2021 at 18:00 CET.

Contents of the package:

1x Spätlese Cuvée 0,187 l

1x Auslese Traminer 0,187 l

1x Beerenauslese Cuvée 0,187 l

1x Beerenauslese Zweigelt 0,187 l

1x Noble Reserve TBA 0,187 l

1x 2017 TBA No. 6 Grande Cuvée 0,187 l

The tasting package costs € 35,- plus shipping costs. The shipping costs depend on the country and will be displayed automatically when ordering in the webshop.

You can order the package via this link: https://www.finewineshop.com/Verkostungspaket-0-187-l/802973.

If you want to order more than from € 100,- onwards you get free delivery in Austria, from € 150,- onwards you get free delivery in Germany.

Please also consider possible delivery times when ordering, so a prompt order secures your place! Count minimum 4 days for orders within EU, other countries will take longer due to customs.


We hope you enjoy the tasting.


Price: € 35 and shipping costs