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DWI-FORUM "Wissen & Wein" Weinakademiker

09:00 Until 16:30 Time

We get to the bottom of things => Natural Wines in the context of organic and biodynamic working methods The Forum Wissen & Wein is a joint initiative of the German Wine Institute and the Weinakademiker Club. It is a high-quality workshop on the current topic "Naturel Wines", which provides structured information. This one-day symposium is, so to speak, a tailor-made further education tool for Weinakademiker.

Address: Hochschule Geisenheim University
Organiser: DWI
Price for members: 85 €
Registration deadline: 31.05.2020


We get to the bottom of the matter: Natural Wines in the context of organic and biodynamic working methods | Moderation: Janek Schumann MW

Impact of climate change on viticulture and oenology
Speaker: Prof. Dr. Hans Reiner Schulz, Geisenheim University of Applied Sciences

Vineyard - Management systems: who does what and how?
Speaker: Prof. Dr. Randolf Kauer, University of Applied Sciences Geisenheim

Wine cellar - the oenological context
Speaker: Ludwig Pasch, M.Sc., University of Applied Sciences Geisenheim

Are natural wines just a trend? => Market side
Dealing with origin, biodiversity and sustainability
Speaker: Janek Schumann MW

Exemplary tasting, Voices, positions, dialogues
Science \ Prof Dr Randolf Kauer, HS Geisenheim University
Winemakers \ Torsten Melsheimer, Moselle; Stephan Krämer, Franconia
Wine trade \ Peter Riegel, organic wine Peter Riegel wine import, Orsingen
Journalist \ Ulrich Amling, Tagesspiegel

The DWI FORUM "Knowledge & Wine" will continue to focus on further education and lectures on contemporary topics and developments in the world of wine and will take place once a year.

Detailed programme: https://www.deutscheweine.de/fileadmin/user_upload/Website/Intern/Fachseminare/Forum_Wissen___Wein_2020-Orga_Programm.pdf