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Auf ein Glas Burgenland in Vienna

14:30 Until 20:30 Time

90 Burgenländische Winzer präsentieren ihre Weine in der Hofburg Vienna

Organiser: Wein Burgenland
Price for members: 0
Email: georg.schweitzer@vinoserve.at

Dear Club Members,

Wein Burgenland is organizing a table presentation on 24th of October 2022 at the Hofburg Vienna. The vinophile diversity of Burgenland will be presented, 90 vintners will bring more than 450 wines and want to taste them with you.

Admission for wine academics is FREE, tickets can be purchased at https://fienta.com/auf-ein-glas-burgenland-wien-2022 by entering the code "WAK25".

The Burgenland vintners and Wein Burgenland are looking forward to your visit!