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The „Club der Weinakademiker“ is the alumni organisation of students who successfully graduated from the Austrian Wine Academy.

The title „Weinakademiker“ is awarded upon the passing of a number of highly challenging exams and requires profound knowledge in the field of wine production, wine styles as well as the wine industry and its mechanisms. It is based on the Diploma in Wine & Spirits of the British Wine & Spirit Education Trusts WSET – which belongs to the best known educational systems in the wine sector on an international level. The title Weinakademiker requires a written thesis alike.

Today, Weinakademiker work in all sectors of the wine industry, trade or marketing, event organisation or PR; they act as wine growers or wine consultants. Even private wine lovers increasingly decide to enrol in the courses of the Wine Academy .


Aims & Function


The Club der Weinakademiker offers networking possibilities on a national and international level to its members. Via branches it is particularly present in many Austrian and German cities and regions as well as in Switzerland, Benelux countries and Eastern Europe and organises first of all in-house tastings, seminars, lectures, international wine journeys and ongoing informative activities troughout Europe.

All those activities aim at continuing education following the graduation from the Wine Academy – all Weinakademiker are obliged to sign a code of honour which requires all graduates to permanently enhance their wine knowledge.


Furthermore the Club supports the permanent improvement of the wine quality in the individual regions and an expansion of the wine knowledge on all levels. It cooperates with a number of renowned institutions and companies in the wine world, such as the Austrian Wine Marketing Board (AWMB), the Association of German Praedikat Wine Estates (VDP), the Deutsches Weininstitut (German Wine institution - DWI) or the Swiss Wine Marketing in order to increasingly improve all activities for their members and open the wide wine knowledge to an increasing number of international graduates.

In addition, it aims at supporting students at the Wine Academy in preparing for their exams  in so far as they are invited to participate in in-house Club events and get assistance from Weinakademikern right there.



Throughout Europe more than 750 graduates were awarded the title, above all in Austria, Germany, Switzerland but also in 30 further nations, which means in Italy, Hungary, Slovakia, Bulgaria, Czech Republic, Serbia, Poland, the Netherlands, Belgium, Spain, Greece, Great Britain, Belarus, Sweden, Panama, Ireland, Liechtenstein, South Africa, Denmark, France, Russia, Japan, Australia, Iran, China, Canada and the United States.


The title Weinakademiker is awarded to successfull graduates from the Diploma in Wine & Spirits by the advisory board of the Wine Academy –  the title automatically includes membership in the Club.