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The Club der Weinakademiker organises numerous events in many places in Austria, Germany, Switzerland, Benelux or Hungary – among them top tastings with renowned experts in the wine sector like Caro Maurer MW, Frank Smulders MW, Willi Balanjuk or Christina Fischer, or workshops on exciting, new topics such as Orange and Natural Wines, soil diversity and the development of wines under various closures or training cooperations with wine institutes, as for instance the AWMB, the DWI, the VDP.Die Pädikatsweingüter or Swiss Wine.


Regularly, Weinakademiker from all over the world meet at workshops in Geisenheim (Rheingau) or Rust where they discuss topic themes with Master of Wine students. The educational training to become Weinakademiker is an important pre-qualification for the Master of Wine.

20. - 22.10.2017

15. - 19.10.2017




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